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The Technical Difficulties Dog has no comment.

HipAttack Episode 3 has been unavoidably delayed. Instead, correspondent Matt Skinner has very kindly contributed this recital of a truly classic story, just to keep you in aural entertainment. Isn’t that kind?


Last week’s show:
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In this show: The Incredible Gellerwood mystifies all with his carnie illusions; Tweet when you’re twoten to, young man; When Richie met Blainey; World-changing games.

[show notes / bonus links]

Geller vs. Blaine — FIGHT! (LINK)
Dick Brooks, the great justifier (LINK)
Missed the hilarious TNG remixes? (LINK)

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  1. I never knew so much about the geller! Thoroughly enjoyed the epp. I kept thinking about fighting games ala street fighter, my knowledge of gaming is limited however. Keep it up

  2. Genius – enjoyed every minute. Keep it up guys – and all the best for the future.

  3. Good show guys; I’m not sure about that list either. What about GTA as the first game to hire good lawyers and then actively court scandal as a marketing teqhnique?

    The Wii and DS have both done a lot to widen the audience of gaming (today 3 generations of Perry played my Wii in a resonably fair contest) but maybe only as much as the Playstation or DDR did; the PS attracted older audiences, DDR saw a dramatic increase in girls playing games. When you consider the base audience that Nintendo was working with compared to sony, you have to hand it to them. Otherwise they deny you the license and build it themselves.

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