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Continuing my theme of snaffling tasty RPS content without putting any effort in of my own, Matthew Wegner from Flashbang popped up in a comment thread over there with an explanation of exactly what is supposed to be going on in Minotaur China Shop. And it’s golden:

So here’s the story:

In ancient times, there lived a dreadful beast descended from a divine bovine: the Minotaur. Though fearless and powerful, his strength was his undoing. While perusing a China Shop one day, the Minotaur accidentally bumped into a shelf and entered a state of Minotaur Rage, destroying the store. Due to racial injustices in ancient legal systems, his Minotaur Rage defense was dismissed and he was banished to the labyrinth.

After serving half his sentence, the Minotaur has been released on good behavior thanks to progressive movements sympathetic to his disorder. Armed with Minotaur Rage Insurance and a Business License, can the Minotaur control himself and realize his dream of selling Fine China?

In the game, you can earn money by either serving customers or by destroying china (so long as you’re sufficiently enraged for your rage insurance policy coverage). The game lasts for 5 store days, with an opportunity to upgrade stats and buy new moves between days. The larger game structure is simply score optimization.

If you rage too hard for too long, though, the insurance company will call in the authorities to take care of you. Customers will leave, too; most Moosotaurs, Pegasusotaurs, and Unicornotaurs are skittish around raging Minotaurs. It’s a hard line of work to be in.


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