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Hell yeah. THQ has taken a long time to pull its finger out of its collective rectum. I think it’s telling that there’s a spot in this video where a THQ fella gushes about how easy it was to work with UFC, and specifically states how much access they got, when they’ve been working with WWE for many years. I remember back in the day I needed to create a WWE biography thing — coverline-enabling filler, essentially — for the disc of kids PC mag Planet PC. After much wrangling, WWE sent me a grand total of six low resolution pictures, of shitty superstars at that, and I had to sign some ludicrous contract. I think they just like to be as awkward as possible. Maybe it’s a Vince McMahon business tactic, like the XFL. Zing!

It’s telling that the excellent Fighting Spirit magazine recently outed WWE over its still-heavy-handed licensing. To directly quote the Wrestling Observer, which everyone should should subscribe to even if they’re morbidly allergic to pulled punches and spandex:

The magazine printed a memo sent by WWE to members of the gaming press covering the new Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 videogame. … WWE said that the press could not use any screenshots of superstars bleeding or weapons being used. … No screenshots are allowed of HHH “in a defenseless or vulnerable position.” … WWE was furious that this memo was published, and, in defying the order, that the magazine published a screenshot of a character that looks like HHH with synthol filled pecs and delts on his back with Kane hovering over him.



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