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I’m really old school, you know. I remember loading up games on the Spectrum which I had absolutely no idea how to play — still have absolutely no idea how to play, in fact — just because I had them. I’d endure minutes of screeching, unquenchable cassette tape scream just so I could fiddle with Beachy Head or some such title at the limited level my five-year-old brain could handle.

I think this is the only reason I consider myself hardcore. It’s legacy, it’s tenure. I slot myself in as some gaming professor just because I’ve been hanging around the faculty long enough to trick fresh-faced youngsters into thinking I’m one of the staff.

So it is with trepidation and a slightly uncomfortable feeling in my gut that I announce this: Peggle Nights is, so far, as brilliant as the first. I know RockPaperShotgun has beaten me to the punch with the Hardcore Gamer Peggle Lovin’, in an ironic-but-not-really way.

But Peggle’s a casual game. I shouldn’t like casual games. I shouldn’t have enjoyed Puzzle Quest either. I’m hardcore. Aren’t I? Or has my brain finally gone soft enough that I’m joining the casual crowd?

I think that’s why this blog is here. I haven’t finished a game in years, even though I’ve spent thousands of pounds on buying the things. By having somewhere to vent about them, perhaps I can give myself a reason to stay hardcore. After I’ve finished playing Peggle Nights, of course. Did I mention it was quite brilliant?


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